Based in San Benedetto del Tronto, at the centre of the Italian peninsula, ISKOTECA™ is the ISKO™ division specialising in research and experimentation, a real creative laboratory where denim expresses its entire potential thanks to a continuous exploration of new treatments and finishings. Not only the best processing to enhance the Made-in-ISKO™ creations are selected here, but this is also where the concept garments for each collection produced by the brand are kept, more than 25,000 garments overall.

It is a real “archive” of fashion, which offers an overview of the innovations that have revolutionised the denim world allowing ISKO™ to become a leader in the industry. From jeans to jackets, from shirts to total look items: each garment is treated with finishing, washing, smudging or dyeing processes; effects obtained through a research and experimentation path which starts from a deep knowledge of the raw material and gradually moves towards the final goal, that pure innovation which ISKO™ dedicates to all key players along the denim value chain.